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Jan 19, 2016

Neutral Print Mixing

It's been a super long time since I've written a post. Life, you know, it happens and makes extracurriculars difficult sometimes. I'm going to try to get better about posting, even if it's just a weekly post. Maybe I'll even update our home blog, Seven Town Way, at some point too... So here we go!

Today's look is a super neutral, comfy look since it's freezing, and the kids are home sick from school! I find myself drawn to the tan, and stripes look over and over again.

Striped Tee (Target/ Similar) | Cardigan (Target) | Scarf (Amazon) | Jeans (Old Navy) | Leopard Flats (Target) | Bracelet (Walmart/ beautiful option) | Earrings (Target)

Talk about a classic look! What's your go-to these days?

Jul 10, 2015

Lightweight Poncho Cardi - The Perfect Summer Boho Piece

I know, the cardinal rule of blogging is consistency. And the only thing I've been consistent at lately is being MIA. I have no doubt that most people feel like they spend their lives working, and the sad thing is, that most of us do. I've had a terrible time with the family/work life balance, but honestly, when you have a mountain of work, deadlines, and prefer not to loose your job, what can you do besides work your tail off?

The upside to all of this, is that by working your tail off, you get to treat yourself everyone once in a while. So, I treated myself to this beautiful poncho-style cardigan from Target. I'm in love. Would it be completely unreasonable to get the other two color/pattern options available in in this style as well?

Poncho Cardigan (Target) | Tank (Target) | Necklace (Target/ beautiful option) | Shorts (Old Navy) | T-Strap Sandals (Old Navy)

Typically, you will not find me wearing a sweater or cardigan of any kind during the summer, unless it's a unusually cool day. However, this poncho card is so lightweight and flowey that it is super comfortable to wear in 90 degree temps.

I'm loving the Boho look this summer and an taking advantage of just how flattering it is on all body types. Tell me, what's your favorite Boho look?

May 20, 2015

Navy and Coral: Spring Outfit

Navy and coral are one of my all time favorite color combos; today's look is no exception!

Shirt: Target (similar) | Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Belt: Old Navy | Necklace: Target (similar) | Bangles: Target  | Shoes: Famous Footwear (similar)

This outfit is so comfortable. I say it all the time, the key to mom-fashion is comfort. And how easy is it to pair a long sleeve tee with a skirt? Add a little interest by layering on a pretty statement necklace and a belt and boom, cute outfit!

I chose my favorite pair of neutral colored peep toe wedges to wear with this today, but you could easily pull this all together with a cute pair of flats or even sandals.

I completed debated whether or not I would throw in the "outfit selfie" in today's post. I really think it's important to see how a look actually wears on a body and any additional perspective can be helpful. But guys...My hair. Yes, it's got the natural wave, and I generally rock that. I mean, beachy waves are totally in right now. But this picture sealed it's fate. It's getting chopped!

I've been growing out my hair for a while now to donate. My girls just donated theirs, and now it's my turn. Those grown out layers are doing nothing for me. My hair looks like a weirdo rat tail here and it has Wish me luck!

May 19, 2015

Lightweight Spring Outfit

Since our weather went from cool spring to hot and muggy overnight, today I'm wearing a super lightweight outfit. This could probably be considered a summer outfit because, man, it already feels like summer!

The kids and I have been spending tons of time outside so far this spring. One of the perks of working from home is that I can cart my laptop outside to the picnic table and work while the kids play in the yard.

Tunic: Old Navy (similar) | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Old Navy | Earrings: Target | Necklace: Target

I love, love, love my new Old Navy sandals. I thought originally when I purchased them offline that they were faux-leather. I know, I should have read the description more thoroughly, however, I'm super thrilled that they are a thick plastic. (Very similar to the cheap flip-flips you can find at Old Navy.) I've found from experience that the faux leather sandals tend to fall apart pretty easily. (Hence the reason why my oldest daughter came home from school with her favorite pair of sandals duck taped back together the other day!)

I absolutely love the other items in this outfit too. The tunic is the perfect length and very lightweight. The shorts have a great fit, the perfect amount of stretch, and are also the perfect length on me! I would love to get a pair in every color, it's been so long since I had a great fitting pair of shorts like these.

And then there's the Julep nail polish. I have a lot to say about Julep, which I will save for another review post, but I will mention today that I love these mani/pedi coordinating summery colors in pink and navy!

All-in-all, a super comfy outfit for hanging around on this hot and humid day!

May 18, 2015

Littles Outfit: Cargo and Lace

There is nothing that I love more than dressing my beautiful babes. Seriously, I love shopping for myself, but I love shopping for my kids more! They certainly grow fast enough, so what better excuse do you have?! Having four kids, I get to do a lot of shopping for them; score!

Today's look combines a more feminine cargo vest in purple, paired with this adorable lace top.

Vest: Old Navy (similar) | Tee: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Costco (similar from GAP on sale!) | Shoes: Old Navy (similar)

I absolutely adore that lace-sleeve top. Can I get one in my size please? And though I'm not a huge fan of printed jeans for myself (unless we're talking polka dots!), these printed star jeans are adorable on kids. 

Tell me if you like today's post and would like to see more kid styles and outfits. Obviously, having 4 kids makes this something that I am pretty passionate about. Let me know if you feel the same!!